"Be bold enough to use your voice, brave enough to listen to your heart, and strong enough to live the life you always imagined." 


Corporate & Self-Help

Corporate audiences can take advantage of the flexible mind by applying Nicole's flexibility fundamentals immediately into their work and environment. When applied, current issues such as Presenteeism (an issue that, according to Harvard Business Review, costs businesses 10x more money than Absenteeism) can be resolved while bringing forth more creativity and innovation - 2 keys for companies striving for leadership in their space. Presenteeism creates a very limited operating space for employees to work from, stunting all aspects of their work and the growth of a company as a whole.


“[T]he world of work has become increasingly insecure. Employees at all levels worry about the uncertainty of their futures and that of their families and increasingly do not know who or what to trust. Disposable income is challenged and it is very hard for many to meet all their financial demands.”

-Dr, David Batman, GCC’s chief medical officer, a registered consultant specialist in occupational health with expertise in psychological health at work on the causes of Presenteeism.


Flexibility is, in essence, expansion. It is the willingness to expand our perception into all possibilities. When we can do this we create more space within our minds by removing current blocks or limitations due to fears. This allows for new insights, ideas, and creativity to flow in. Decision making becomes easier because there is more clarity and this leads to faster execution. Today's mind benefits from flexibility in a world that demands agility and adaptation for its high-paced evolution.

Self-help audiences will learn how to use these 4 Fundamentals of Flexibility in every aspect of life to cultivate more joy, stability, understanding, and growth within their relationships with money, work, health, co-workers, loved ones and most importantly the Self.

Nicole has developed tools and strategies to assist anyone in making these gains quickly. She breaks down the 4 Fundamentals into digestible bites so that they can be applied immediately into any environment. People will leave her talks empowered with their ability to choose beyond the current limitations many of us have been conditioned to self-impose. 

The power of choice turns possibility into probability.
— Nicole Frolick


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