Protect Your Light - How to prevent negative energy from draining your glow (Webinar)


Protect Your Light - How to prevent negative energy from draining your glow (Webinar)


WHEN: Saturday, January 13th, 2018

TIME: 12 pm - 2 pm EST

*Please note this webinar went live but the recording is still available for purchase. Thank you to all of you who attended live. Blessings.

Have you found yourself experiencing days of extreme happiness and then for no apparent reason find yourself in an energetic funk? Do you find that some people you used to enjoy being around are now bringing drama or conflict? Have you been getting sick more often than usual?

As we each experience our own journey of Self, the light within us begins to brighten. We open ourselves up to new opportunities and relationships that support this growth, expanding our joy for life.

However, we will inevitably also experience negative energy.

Negative energy can often hijack our emotional, mental and physical bodies. It’s common and it happens to the best of us. As we open ourselves up to many positive forces, we also unknowingly open the door to less desirable forces.

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As we all try to walk the path of light and love, understanding our responsibility to protect our individual sovereignty and energy on all levels (spiritually, mentally and physically) is paramount. Having the wisdom and knowledge to maintain our own energetic hygiene is vital to our growth, personal health and happiness.

Join Jessica Sanchez and Nicole Frolick for an interactive webinar that will show you how to reignite and protect your light so that you may glow brightly throughout the year.

Topics Covered:

  • How energy works within you and around you

  • Your frequency and vibrational match ups

  • Energetic hygiene

  • Protocols for grounding

  • How to call in protection

  • How to clear negative energy from your field

  • The importance of Transmutation

  • Access to tools you can take away and use instantly

Before we can reignite our light and brighten our joy we must realize where we are emotionally, spiritually and physically. As we ground and open ourselves to the truth of who we are, we honor our individual sovereignty through self love and responsible energetic hygiene.