Personal Intuitive Tarot Reading


Personal Intuitive Tarot Reading


If you would like your own personal intuitive tarot reading, Nicole will send you a 30 minute video recording of your reading to your email. Ask any question regarding love, family, finances, career, home life, spirituality, personal ascension, soulmate connections etc.

You may ask 1-2 questions for a 30 min reading. General readings can pertain to any question you have with current situations, health, ascension, events, spirituality, relationships, etc.

You will receive a 30 min video reading sent to your email. Please allow up to 3-5 business days for your reading to arrive.

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Remember… you are the ultimate driver of your life (The Chariot Card) and you get to decide the course your life takes. Think of Tarot as the GPS system on your journey, as opposed to the ticket to your final destination.


I was feeling stuck and without a lot of direction and caught up in the energetic changes taking place. It was like I was on a roller coaster ride without any end in sight. Having watched Nicole's YouTube channel and all the content she released, she was helping me gain perspective on what was happening on a global scale that I could then draw back to my own life. 

As soon as Nicole started offering timeline tarot readings, I jumped onto an email to organize a time with her. I've never particularly enjoyed tarot nor understood it but wanted to give this a go. Nicole's approach to reading is quite unique in the way she reads with multiple sets of cards, opening up to different enlightenment. Her accuracy with the cards are uncanny. They were a HUGE help with understanding the different blocks in my body and how to evolve with my grow to release the pains.

Working with Nicole is definitely no work. Her accurate insights and perceptions are beyond helpful to help you gain the insights you're seeking as well as the way forward to overcome any stagnant energy or indecision. Her lightness and love pure from her heart and has a real passion for helping people elevate to where they desire to flow to.”

-Daniella (Australia)

“I have learned so much from Nicole's videos and her book Inflexible Me. An amazing soul with a talent for going to the heart of the situation, I have gotten confirmations and new insight from many of her videos as well a treasure trove of healing insight from her book. On matters of the heart and of a more private nature, she has been very helpful in assisting me with opening up my perspective and being able to examine where the ego pokes in and affects the lens I'm looking through at life as I/we know it here. Her card readings are intuitive and have helped me with creating alchemy in experiences I was "stuck" in, as well as giving me a springboard to jump further into understanding my shadow and healing those parts of my self. I think she has a unique way of making serious and difficult experiences approachable and she leaves her readings open-ended for self-empowerment which has been very encouraging & helpful in my own growth, reminding me I am the healer in my own journey. I highly recommend her works and her readings!

- Deedee (USA)