'Activate Your Potential' Coaching Session


'Activate Your Potential' Coaching Session

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Do you feel like you’re living your life in a way that is compromising every dream you've ever envisioned for yourself? Do you know you’re capable of more but can’t seem to tap into that potential?

Nicole will help you uncover the limitations in your mind that are preventing you from expanding into your greatest potential. You will get access to a variety of techniques that will bring a deeper understanding into your relationships, your contributions to society, the choices you're making, your creativity and passion, and of course who you truly are.

Topics covered:

Manifestation | Creativity | Self-empowerment | Joy activation | Meditation | Self-discovery | Expanding consciousness | Raising your vibrations | Health | Ascension 


Coaching sessions may be booked per session or in blocks (programs). All coaching sessions are done via video call.

  • 1 Month Coaching (4 weeks)
  • 3 Month Coaching (12 weeks)
  • 6 Month Coaching (24 weeks)

The monthly coaching programs include one hour sessions. If you book any of the monthly program options you will also get access to me via email once a week on top of our weekly coaching session. This email is an additional support mechanism to you and your accountability. It is important to me that you feel supported throughout the week should anything arise. The email is a smaller form of additional guidance should you need it.


All coaching is done via skype or zoom and occasionally includes in person sessions at various locations. All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable.

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Nicole is truly a unique soul and I do not wish to diminish her capability by attributing it to being a talent or a gift. The clarity, consistency, and innocence that lives within her bright spirit empowers and enables her to be a beacon for all who cross her path. It was an honor to work with Nicole, especially considering I am an ‘intuitive’ myself. She was able to spot and relieve my personal blindspot(s) and my conversations with her spearheaded tremendous development in my own personal journey. Like being stuck in a dark well and she just swoops in with a simple ‘you’re right there…just, look that way!’ Beyond that, her recorded readings continuously provide knick of time guidance and information every time I tune in. It is enlightening to witness her ingenuity and quite the gift to be nourished by her own spiritual and emotional growth as she delivers her channeled and intuitive messages to the masses. She is truly a phenomenal spirit. I look forward to seeing what she explores and discovers next :)
— Brittany, USA

***Please note that I am now accepting CRYPTOCURRENCY and if you would like to pay for your coaching sessions using cryptocurrency instead, please use any of the below options and send an email to with the subject heading 'Crypto Coaching' to book your first session. Please use the USD denominations in accordance to the type of coaching you would like to purchase for reference.

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  • Litecoin: LWB4zkRBkTNEu736KEasGhdw66v51bLCCx

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