Discovering your limitless potential...

Do you feel stuck in an area of your life? Do you feel like you’re living your life in a way that is compromising every dream you've ever envisioned for yourself? Do you know you’re capable of more but can’t seem to tap into that potential?

Nicole’s style of coaching is for someone who desires to live life on their terms. If you feel like you’ve hit a ceiling on your potential and want to break through it, Nicole can help you remove the blocks that are getting in your way. Her style of coaching is unconventional and tailored uniquely just for you. No two people will ever be coached in the same way.

If you’re looking to wake up with more joy and experience more fulfillment in all aspects of your life then you’re ready to expand into your limitless potential. You will learn how to shift your internal lack into abundance so that your external world will begin to mirror your self-worth.

Your dedication and commitment to this process is reflected in how willing you are to drop your current limitations and explore all of the possibilities waiting for you. Your choices can be very revealing in which space you are living from. Often people do not realize when their choices reflect their fears. Observe your choices and ask yourself: which choice will reflect my deepest hopes and desires? This is the space we all want to be choosing from to live in our limitless potential.

When you work with Nicole, you will be challenged. Your limiting beliefs will have to be broken down so that the beliefs that support you to be your greatest version of self can come forth. It will be a journey that once you start, you will never be the same. Awareness is the greatest alchemy there is.


Nicole’s coaching has been a huge blessing in my life. There were many barriers I couldn’t seem to overcome due to self-doubt and fear. Nicole is such a bright light that it helped me to find the light within myself. While working with her I have found an abundance of strengths I held unknowingly. It’s exciting to finally see my worth as I take the next leap into my journey. I feel extremely safe to open up to her and share my life experiences without judgment. Her passion and commitment to helping others is inspiring. She has a unique ability to see what stage you are at and meet you there while building your ability to raise yourself to the next level. Nicole has an unbelievably kind heart. I am lucky and honoured to have her as my mentor. I highly recommend her and trust her insights.
— Marcus Oujla (Canada)
About a year ago, through a synchronicity, a blessing named Nicole Frolick entered into my life. Since then, Nicole has guided me on a long overdue journey of self-discovery. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion allowed me to feel safe being open and honest with her. The sessions and homework were not always easy, yet they have been very rewarding. The results have changed my life in so many positive ways including friends and family commenting that I am a different person.

As I have been on my journey, I have witnessed Nicole’s gifts and abilities grow. Her growth inspires me to continue on my spiritual path. (I want to be just like her when I spiritually grow-up.) ;) Nicole’s website, YouTube channel, and Enlighten Up podcast have also been wonderful sources of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

Nicole, with much gratitude and love, I thank you.
— Michele DeMartini (USA)
I have learned so much from Nicole’s videos and her book Inflexible Me. An amazing soul with a talent for going to the heart of the situation, I have gotten confirmations and new insight from many of her videos as well a treasure trove of healing insight from her book. On matters of the heart and of a more private nature, she has been very helpful in assisting me with opening up my perspective and being able to examine where the ego pokes in and affects the lens I’m looking through at life as I/we know it here. Her card readings are intuitive and have helped me with creating alchemy in experiences I was “stuck” in, as well as giving me a springboard to jump further into understanding my shadow and healing those parts of my self. I think she has a unique way of making serious and difficult experiences approachable and she leaves her readings open-ended for self-empowerment which has been very encouraging & helpful in my own growth, reminding me I am the healer in my own journey. I highly recommend her works and her readings!
— Deedee (USA)
Nicole’s work has helped me tremendously. Her energy work is off the charts and her coaching is precise, caring and highly valuable. She has helped me push though my limitations in my body as well as my mind and spirit. I highly recommend Nicole’s services to anyone looking to improve their life. I am very grateful for her help.
— Michael Philpott, Canada
This year I won Nicole’s 3 Month Gratitude Giveaway Competition.  I had procrastinated with projects that I wanted to take on for such a long time but kept sabotaging them not understanding why.  I discovered this was due to fear and lack of self-worth.  Once it had sunk in that I had won, I even tried to sabotage working with Nicole. Nicole has helped me to discover my true authentic self by guiding me to work with my Inner Child along with other daily practices. 

Working through my blocks and with Nicole’s encouragement, motivated me to post videos on YouTube and currently in the process of setting up my own business. So much has changed in my life due to this work.  With the tools I now have I can face the world knowing that I truly love myself and I am worthy.

Nicole, I cannot thank you enough for the coaching you have given me.  Your style and method is very effective, helping me to refocus my energies in completing some major goals in my life. 

I highly recommend Nicole as a Coach, she is kind, compassionate, has a wealth of experience and is extremely motivating.  For anyone who is interested in having Coaching Sessions with Nicole but has doubts then all I can say is you will not regret it.  ‘Face the Fear and do it anyway’ – Louise Hays.
— Andrea Horn (United Kingdom)


$77 | 30 min Zoom Coaching Session

$99 | 30 min Tarot + 30 min Coaching

$111 | 60 min Zoom Coaching Session

Nicole will help you uncover the limitations in your mind that are preventing you from expanding your potential. You will get access to a variety of techniques that will bring a deeper understanding into your relationships, your contribution to society, the choices you're making, your creativity and passion, and of course who you truly are.

Topics covered:

Manifestation | Creativity | Self-empowerment | Joy Activation | Meditation | Self-discovery | Expanding Consciousness |   Communication | Raising Your Vibrations | Soul Language | Visions | Health | Intuition | Ascension 

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Coaching Agreement

All coaching is done via Zoom video and occasionally includes in person sessions at various locations.

All compensation is paid prior to the first coaching session and is non-refundable.

If you are interested in working together, please email Nicole at