The Violet Flame: Transmutation of 3D into 5D

The Violet Flame: Transmutation of 3D into 5D

Last week while in meditation I was shown a vision. I was standing in the mountains near a vast opening that was completely covered in snow and was soon approached by a being that I didn’t recognize. This being however was surrounded in a violet light/flame. It spoke with me telepathically and we walked together for a brief moment before it was gone.

It was such a strange vision as I had never seen such a thing before in any of my meditations and yet I knew I was being shown something since very few words were exchanged. The violet light/flame was the dominating factor for me and so I decided to do some reading, leading me to realize why I was being shown this.

Globally we are in the midst of an awakening. The energy of the earth is shifting from 3D through 4D to reach its needed 5D awareness. You likely may be feeling this shift but are unaware of what it is you’re feeling.

What Are Dimensions?

It’s important to clarify that shifting through dimensions is not leaving one place to arrive at another. Our 3rd dimensional thinking is very linear and can often hinder how we understand outside of this dimension. Dimensions are levels of awareness that are characterized by its vibrational level or frequency.

3rd Dimension

This dimension is where most of us are in unconscious awareness. It’s characterized by the duality we currently live in, human supremacy over earth, white/black, male/female, rich/poor etc. The energy of this dimension is very heavy and dense. Our focus can lean more towards lack and insufficiency by being consumed more with material things, bill payments, lack of money, lack of ‘things’, lack of love. Emotions are also heavy and fear based: judgment, guilt, hatred, blame, denial and resentment. This has been the dominating energy for many of us through many lifetimes. But the shift is happening.

4th Dimension

This dimension is kind of like a filter into the 5th dimension. 4D energy is in present time, the Now. This is when the awakening begins...when we start to question old ideals that aren’t working anymore. We start to question the polarity we live in and shift into random moments of peace within. Changes of 3rd dimensional thinking begin to happen when we start shifting our energy and consciousness into 4th dimensional awareness. Your body begins to feel lighter as the energy of this dimension is less dense. You become more aware of synchronicities and have the awareness of being guided. Manifestation becomes easier.

This dimension is also considered the Paradox Experience: that in one moment you can experience something as being true for you and in the next moment it is not. You begin to understand the limitlessness of choice and that you can shift your choices to match your vibrational frequency. In doing so you are beginning to realize that your limitations are set by you, and at any time, you can remove them if you choose so and bring them back when you need them. It's the true essence of "I am limitless." This allows you to move through deeper emotions and begin the process of ‘letting go’ of that which no longer serves you.

5th Dimension

When we can reach 5th dimensional awareness we are in an enlightened reality. We are aligning with ideals based in peace, love and unity. Ideals from the 3rd dimension cannot exist here. There is no room for fear, hatred and judgment. Only the Law of Oneness exists - equality for all. Our masculine and feminine energies are in complete harmony and boundaries are dropped to make space for unconditional love. Regardless of the injustice you may see, you only hold compassion in your heart. You understand that which you feel and think, you create. As a result of your vibrational frequency being so high, instant manifestation occurs.


In today’s current world we’re all experiencing our spiritual awakenings at different rates but each one is to be honored as no journey is better than another. Your journey is your unique blueprint and it’s vital we all embrace one another for it through compassion.

Recent world events would make us feel that life as we know is going to hell in a handbasket but the opposite is actually true.

Due to unprecedented rates of ascension (from 3D to 5D) occurring on this planet we are to expect chaos and negativity. The grip of 3rd dimensional thinking is casting its last and final grip of control through heightened levels of fear. This is when it’s more important than ever to understand your power of shifting into a frequency that is supportive and compassionate, one that is based in peace, love and unity.

And having the right tools to assist you in this can help.

The Violet Flame

After seeing the Violet Flame in my meditation and researching its use I understood why I was shown it at this particular time. The Violet Flame represents higher consciousness and is a tool that comes from 5th dimensional awareness, handed down to us through one of our ascended masters, St. Germain. It helps us make the transition from fear-based consciousness into unity consciousness.

The Violet Flame is used to transmute any energy that is blocking your ascension into energy that belongs to the 5th dimension. It clears the way for you helping you as you make your transition into 5D consciousness.

This tool is neutral and can be used regardless of religious beliefs as it works in harmony with all. Now more than ever we are being called to shift our awareness towards love and unity and recent events are not excluded. You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions as they are the basis for creation. If you continue to allow these to resonate in fear and judgment, more of it will be created. We need less fear and more love. So it’s our duty for humanity and all other lives that we make this shift.

Using the Violet Flame in Meditation

Once I understood I was to begin using the Violet Flame of St. Germain, I brought it into my meditation and you can do so as well. My first experience using this flame shifted my frequency so much that my body began buzzing to the point I almost felt numb in my face from the speed of the vibration levels. I also encountered the most beautiful visions, experiencing divine goddess as messages of higher consciousness and guidance came in.

Since this meditation I have been feeling compassion and love for longer periods of time, helping me to transcend the negativity and chaos currently going on. The more of us that can do this, the less grip these fears will have, and others around us will begin to shift as well. It’s the natural law of energy.

And so I am sharing with you how to use the Violet Flame in your meditation experience. As always it’s important to maintain an open heart and mind so that you may allow yourself a full experience without judgment. Judgment limits us so remember to let it go as you open your heart.

  1. Find your most comfortable position for meditating. If it helps, you can also use music in this meditation. Music can carry healing frequencies and therefore be very beneficial to assisting you in raising your vibrational frequency. If you have guides that you are aware of, you may call upon them to assist you. If you are not aware of your guides you can also call upon St. Germain and/or any other guides of the highest truth and compassion to join you.

  2. Once you have settled into your space and breath, imagine a ball of violet flame above your head. This is your crown chakra which connects you to your higher consciousness.

  3. Then ask Violet Flame to fill your entire physical body. You can send it into your body through the crown of your head or breathe it into your body through your nose and mouth. Whatever works for you.

  4. Once the Violet Flame has filled your body ask the flame to continue spreading out of your body, spinning around it, so that it may fill your mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Visualization helps but it isn’t necessary.

  5. After your entire being has been immersed in this flame you can begin transmutation of your energies that are blocking your ascension. The intent is the most important aspect but you can use these words to say out loud, “I ask the Violet Flame to transmute anything and everything that stands in the way of my ascension...on all dimensions, on all levels, through all space and time, past, present, and future.” It is important to say these words out loud as they carry a high vibrational frequency. This clears you in all past lives, current life and future lives.

  6. You may also then ask that all new energy be transmuted into a color ray of pure energy such as pink for unconditional love or any other color that feels right for you. Sometimes I use this step and sometimes I don’t. Use your intuition to guide you on what feels right for you.

This tool is powerful and can assist you in shifting out of fear and into love. You can use this on a daily basis especially as we move through such growth periods as we are right now.

Always remember that your power to change starts within. To see the change in our world come to a place of unity and peace we must first address our internal world. If you think you are powerless as one, this is needed of you more than you can imagine. The power of the people has always been greater than what we have been conditioned to believe. That power will become evident once more and more of us embrace it within.

These are trying times we are going through at the moment but I do believe we are on the brink of a tipping point in human consciousness and when we reach this point the negative and fear conditioning we have been living from won’t stand a chance. Free will is a gift bestowed upon us and so it’s up to us to make the choice to live in the world we hope for.

Love and expansion,