The MONEY INFLUENCER - Breaking the Rules of the Matrix

The MONEY INFLUENCER - Breaking the Rules of the Matrix

I know I may catch some heat from the spiritual community about this topic but it’s only to be expected as money is one of the top 3 triggers for virtually everyone on this planet. However, triggers are a beautiful thing in my opinion. They open the door for a learning opportunity of the soul for not just growth, but a complete shift in perception that can literally influence your reality into a hyper positive position.

I received a download from my guidance team about a month ago to put this information together for a video. Money gets a bad reputation simply because our current world usage is likely defining it. But money is neutral in energy before any of us get our minds or hands on it. And it is one of our greatest teachers of how we use everything outside of us to place value on worth. If you truly want to know how little you value yourself, money is going to give you the brutal and honest truth.

But that’s not the only reason why money is around. It’s an incredible influencer in showing you where your purpose for humanity lies and whether or not you are going to have the guts to show your value to the world. It’s like the tough love parent pushing you out the door to go and finally show the world what you’re made of. Are you ready to show up? And are you ready to break some rules in the matrix?

And here is a special message from one of my clients who is also a dear friend. He shared with me a message he received through his own automatic writing. It is so profoundly beautiful and intimate on not just a personal level but a collective level that I asked him if he would share it with all of you.

He so graciously said yes.

I believe it's a message we can all relate to and that many of us will benefit from receiving. It also speaks to the reminder that whatever your purpose, service, product or gift you have to offer this world, never devalue your own worth based on the current perception society holds on those serving humanity for the greater good.

We are breaking through massive barriers of worthiness on a collective level. Remember that in order for the perception to shift around us, it must first shift within us.

Thank you Marcus for sharing this beautiful message with all of us.

You are love. The core of your being is entrenched in the fabric of all that is love. Your path, though difficult, all leads to love. Wipe away the clouds from your eyes and see the beauty that is held within you. Like a bright star shooting across the universe, you are a light for others to witness, a gift for those who are near. The souls on this earth that you revere see past the lenses you have put upon yourself. They are brought to you to see how special you truly are. Honour that and embrace it. Your love permeates all realms of reality and brings us closer to you. Keep fighting to bring peace to your heart and mind. Remember that the purity of your love is written in our book that will live for eternity. Wear it as a crown and keep sharing it with the ones you connect with. You are cherished and one day you will come to realize your worth. Let the light wash over you and bring nourishment as you move forward on your journey. Peace + Love

- Marcus' Higher Self & Guides

Light and love to you all on this beautiful human journey of self-awareness,