The Gateway of the Divine Feminine, Relationships & the Inner Child (Round Table Part 2)

The Gateway of the Divine Feminine, Relationships & the Inner Child (Round Table Part 2)

I am honored to be joined by 3 women, who’s work I admire and love, to discuss the divine feminine and masculine in a DF round table discussion. We all hold the feminine energies within us, and now that we are in the time of the goddess energy rising within us all - it’s a perfect time to gather and discuss what everyone is experiencing as a result. (If you missed part 1 on the Divine Masculine please don’t miss this incredible discussion.)

The energies of the masculine and feminine are powerfully intertwined and dance in synergy throughout creation. We share how this has played out in our own journeys as well as the collective. How are we experiencing the healing nature of the feminine? How are we finding our voice in the masculine?

As the gateway of the divine feminine is opening, the suppression of the goddess energy is dissipating. She is rising. How does this play out for both men and women? What’s assisting her? What’s hindering her?

Relationships are being challenged in all ways and that is because we as a collective are healing these energies. It is time to release the wounded relationship and enter the divine relationship. As we awaken, our relationships must awaken as well. But who holds this key?

You do and it resides in the union of your own masculine and feminine first.

This is a long discussion and so I created timestamps below the video for you to follow the topics we cover. The conversation flowed effortlessly and each woman contributed valuable wisdom, experiences and healing tips. Join Jessica Alstrom, Rebecca Barfoot, Lisa Watson and myself for a demystifying conversation as we open the gateway of the Divine Feminine.


(3:40) Gateway of the Divine Feminine

(11:05) Your male body double/ female body double

(13:30) What’s assisting/hindering the DF right now?

(21:45 ) Relationships and revolutionizing relationships via DF & DM

(31:45) Feminism, labels, and weaponizing femininity

(45:00) Triggers, projecting, holding space, neutrality, being the model

(1:01:50) Power of the Inner Child

(1:21:46) Final words of wisdom on the DF/DM

And please stay tuned for part 3, a round table discussion with the men and women coming together to discuss UNION. This will be out by the end of this month.

Light and love to you all on this incredible journey and exploration of uniting the parts still in separation. This is the call of our hearts that leads us back to love.