The Divine Blueprint, Transgenderism & DF/DM Union (Round Table - Part 3)

The Divine Blueprint, Transgenderism & DF/DM Union (Round Table - Part 3)

Opening up the lines of communication on some very sensitive topics is of the utmost importance if we as a society are going to learn, understand, and grow together. There is ample confusion surrounding the masculine and feminine energies and how this plays out in our own personal experiences as well as our collective experiences. The more we hold space for open and honest dialogue, the closer to union with one another we become. Allowing for all ideas to be shared and discussed is paramount in a time when suppression of speech is being thrust upon us.

Whether we like someone else’s ideas or are triggered by them, there is a lesson to be learned.

In this discussion, we bring the masculine and feminine together to openly share experiences, ideas and potential of the spiritual and biological nature of these energies and how they are presenting themselves in today’s society. We cover a variety of topics and timestamps are provided below for your convenience to follow along.


(4:40) Stereotypes vs the Divine Blueprint

(27:10) Rites of Initiation/Passage - Boy to Man; Girl to Woman

(40:30) Transgenderism & Gender as a Social Construct

(1:18:00) Cultural Roles & Influence/Androgeny/Discovering your inherent nature

(1:38:20 ) What shifts can you experience integrating your DF/DM

(2:00:10) Words of Wisdom