Spiritual Loneliness: Transmuting Family Rejection into Acceptance

Spiritual Loneliness: Transmuting Family Rejection into Acceptance

Full disclosure, there will be many tears shed by me in this post, but it's real...and so is this topic.

For many of us who begin our spiritual awakening it's an exciting journey of self-discovery as well as exploring beyond what current institutions and society teach us to be true. This of course is what can take your desire to share your new discoveries with your friends and family from the high feelings of excitement to the low feelings of rejection and loneliness.

When we begin to explore beyond the constructs of our perceived reality we can be labeled conspiracy theorists which can then lead to a feeling of rejection. We quickly realize that if we want to continue with a 'normal' relationship with our friends and family and not feel rejected or judged as being crazy, it's best to remain quiet about our new ideas and realities. 

This of course can be quite painful for many leading to a feeling of loneliness.

Our society teaches us to place high value on family. Values that incorporate support and safety. However these values are less likely to be experienced when you begin to share ideas that sit way outside the scope of 3D reality that many are not yet able to comprehend. 

Many people who are going through their awakening before their family members and friends will undoubtedly feel alone and often rejected. I certainly did for over 20 years. 

However there has been an incredible shift recently within some of my relationships, specifically with my parents. Being a witness while experiencing this shift has been an eye and heart opener for me. It has helped me understand the true limitless of possibility when love is built from within first.  

Today I am going to get raw and vulnerable with all of you so be prepared to watch me cry in this video. I will share a very personal story about how my father, through his love for me, was finally able to say the words I have been waiting 40 years to hear him say to me.

I know so many people are experiencing this level of loneliness and rejection in their own lives and I hope this story offers a glimmer of hope to all those seeking the connection of family support and recognition for your individuality and desire to step into this world in you true authenticity. It is through this authentic connection to who we are that paves the way for others to have the courage to step into their authenticity. 

We live in a world that loves to judge everything outside of ourselves so this is not an easy path to walk, but the more of us who walk a path of honor for self and love for all will undoubtedly contribute towards the shift from judgment into acceptance.

Love and expansion,