Shame - A Programmed Weapon Against the Masses

Shame - A Programmed Weapon Against the Masses

At the beginning of the year, I received a wake-up call to how vehemently shame is being used as a weapon to perpetuate separation and division of the collective. Many don't realize how destructive shame is on not just the human psyche but to the physical body as well.

And as a result people use shame willingly and abundantly without realizing the destruction it creates. 

Shame is considered the lowest level of consciousness before death. This means that the frequency of shame has such a low life force that it lacks just enough destruction from being death. 

Think about that. 

If your consciousness is at the level of shame, the next step down is death.

When we shame someone, we are creating more of this shame frequency. This not only affects the individual's energy field but also our own and ultimately the collective energy field. This is not productive. It's destructive. And we need to stop.

We cannot afford to contribute shame into the collective consciousness any longer. We use shame to attack others who speak about or act out that which isn't aligning with either society's or our own beliefs, ideas, and constructs. Why?

Why are we so threatened by an opposing idea or thought? What is driving us to shame others into silence? What are we so afraid of?


Belief identity

When we identify with our beliefs and someone challenges those beliefs, we see it not as an attack on the belief but as an attack on ourselves. In order to preserve self, we often lash out using shame as our weapon of choice to silence or stop the perceived attack. When we shame someone into silence, usually through ridicule, we are saying to that person that you are not good enough to think or speak on your own. You must follow my perceived way of thinking.

This is called indoctrination.

We must stop this level of indoctrination that comes from a fear of losing our identity due to challenged belief systems.

In today's video I go into deeper discussion of how destructive shame is, why it's a weapon of division, how our level of consciousness creates our reality, and why we must become much more aware of our own states of consciousness. If you understood that you were operating from a low level of consciousness that fell into the destructive category, wouldn't you want to change that? 

I don't think any of us are looking to perpetuate further destruction in this world. Did you know that when you rise out of the destructive levels of consciousness, you gain a power that can then counterbalance the negativity of 10's of thousands of people? And that as you raise your consciousness even higher that number can then go into the millions?

This blog is about empowering ourselves to step out of the negative constructs that cripple our consciousness and step into a unifying construct that is limitless, serving the greatest good of all. And it all starts with shame. 

If you are interested in learning about the full scale of consciousness and how to understand which level you are creating from, then you can check out more information on my webinar with Jeremy McDonald called Leveling Up On Consciousness - Transmuting Low Vibes to High Vibes in an Instant. When we equip ourselves with the proper tools to make positive changes in this world, the effectiveness of our actions skyrockets. 

We must honor all ideas, beliefs, and people in order to understand and expand our awareness beyond what we already know. If we don’t, we have stagnated our growth and ability to learn. But most important we have stagnated our ability to honor and love one another equally. It's time to bridge the separation and honor one another. Each and everyone of us has valid ideas and beliefs. The only way we can grow and evolve together is if we learn and assist one another through a unified consciousness. 

Love and expansion,