Increasing The Flexibility of Your Spine Without Moving

It seems impossible, right?

How the heck does someone increase the flexibility of their body without moving?

If you’ve read my book, Inflexible Me, you may be aware of my Four Fundamentals of Flexibility and ‘moving’ isn’t one of them.

In the video below, I discuss an observation I’ve made in my daily meditation practice over the last few months: that I can increase the flexibility of my spine in just 10 minutes, without any major active movement.

Flexibility of the body doesn’t occur until flexibility of the mind takes place so this makes total sense. By implementing one of my Four Fundamentals of Flexibility into my meditation practice I am able to achieve these results.

Watch the video below to find out how I do this.

Thanks for stopping by today. If you have any questions about the technique discussed in the video above or have your own story to share please do so in the comments below. If you know someone who has limited back movements or back spasms and could benefit from some spinal flexibility without having to move their body, please share this post with them!

Love and expansion,

inflexible me