I AM OFFENDED! A Statement From the Victim Archetype of Wounded Feminine Energy

I AM OFFENDED! A Statement From the Victim Archetype of Wounded Feminine Energy

For the first 30 years of my life, I predominately expressed myself through my masculine energies and suppressed my feminine energies. To make a long story short, I believed my feminine energy made me weak and my masculine energy made me strong. This false understanding of what it meant to be both masculine and feminine was the source of much of my deep rooted pain. It wasn't until I turned inward for major self-reflection that I began to understand and appreciate both energies within myself.

The masculine and feminine energies I had aligned with were not the true nature of spirit, but instead the wounded version of the ego. I had to relearn what it meant to be feminine and see the beauty and strength when that energy was in its full power - the Wild Feminine. Likewise I also had to relearn what it meant to be masculine. Bringing the two into balance didn't mean I took energy away from one and give to the other. Healing for each energy was essential to bring both into balance for a seamless integration into my being.

These energies can be seen on the micro and macro levels. From a macro level, we are currently experiencing much wounded feminine and masculine energies as a society and collective. Today I am going to address a prevalent example of the wounded feminine within our culture and it's the overuse of the statement "I AM OFFENDED!"

Over the last 30-40 years (possibly more) we have seen a swing away from an overly masculine society into an overly feminized society. If this offends you (and I know many will be) you may be under the impression that:

  1. One energy is better than the other or less important than the other (depending on your perspective)
  2. The energies belong to a particular gender - which they do not
  3. You do not wish to look on the inside for the problem but instead wish to continue projecting the problem as outside of you. 

This is one of the biggest obstacles we as a collective need to overcome. When we continue to view these energies as separate from one another, that one can exist without the other, then we will always be guided by our ego and not our heart. Re-integrating our healed selves must start with the UNION of a healed masculine and healed feminine within us so that we can then begin changing our world and everything around us from this healed place. 

I am writing about this particular statement because I, too, used to use this statement often before I began the healing of these energies. I understand that this statement comes from a place of wounded feminine energy, the victim archetype. Again, it is important to remember this wounded feminine energy is in both men and women. I am not saying that this is all about the wounded woman. Please keep this in mind when watching the video below and see if you can recognize the energies of the victim archetype in you if you have ever used this statement or know someone who often does. 

We must discuss these issues as a collective if we are going to be honest about wanting real change in our society. We can't pretend this isn't happening and hope a resolution will come one day. Our work begins within each of us as an individual and it is up to each of us to take responsibility for our contributions to this fractured and wounded collective.

If you're interested in a more in depth understanding of these two energies and how to bring your own masculine and feminine energies into balance, please join me for my FREE webinar this Wednesday, June 6th, 2018. When these energies are brought into balance, it shifts how you show up in this world and everything that you create/manifest. Harmonizing the masculine and feminine back to their intended WILD state versus the current wounded state, will allow you to radiate a strong loving energy that has compassion and clarity for building the life you have always desired for yourself. It's truly an empowering place to live from. Then you can become the model for so many others and set off the chain of inspiration for a new and better world.

Love and expansion to you all,