Energy Reading: September 23rd

Wow! I am so excited to share this reading with you because not only did it give me goosebumps, but it confirms my last reading of the September energies on a whole.

September 23rd is being prophesied as ‘the end of the world’ by many sites but I never buy into fear propaganda for two reasons:

  1. Fear based information never serves anyone. It’s low level consciousness that keeps us from evolving into higher frequencies, thus guiding us into creating and manifesting from a low frequency. No bueno.

  2. Fear is a low ball marketing tactic that is used to capitalize on unsuspecting people’s emotions. And I do not support such manipulation.

In this reading I turned to my higher self for some guidance through conscious streamed writing last night after my meditation which I share and read to you the message I received. After, I follow it up with a reading from my Liquid Crystal Oracle deck to show us what our current situation is, the healing path we can take, and the outcome if we do so.

I will warn you. This isn’t a reading of doom and gloom but instead of self-empowerment and hope.

Love and expansion,