AUGUST ENERGY: Eclipsing the Heart Into A High Frequency 5D Timeline

Hold on to whatever is anchored around you because this month's energies are taking us for a wild ride. We are coming off of the full lunar eclipse last weekend and have now entered the energy of the Lion's Gate coming up on the 8/8 gateway which is also followed by the final partial solar eclipse on 8/11. Not to mention Mercury went retrograde along with a few other planets. This is no joke and I am fully feeling the effects myself in very intense ways.

In this month's reading I am going to share with you why I had an emotional breakdown right before I was meant to do this reading for you all. I had to postpone it until I understood why I felt like I was reliving trauma from years ago. This is something to be on the look out for in August. Many people are experiencing this right now.

But all is planned so divinely by spirit and I was guided to take you all into my meditation pods where all the high frequency magic happens ;) and do the reading that evening. Not only was I super charged with energy for this reading but I also saw an orb during the card pull. So without further ado, welcome to my meditation sanctuary as you join me for August's reading.

Self-care and self-love is very important this month. Take the time to recognize the little things that make you happy and start doing them as often as you can. This month it's more important than ever to shower yourself in love.

Love and expansion to you all,