2 Ways Parasitic Entities Attack Your High Vibration and Divine Sovereignty

2 Ways Parasitic Entities Attack Your High Vibration and Divine Sovereignty

One of the biggest blind sides to raising your vibrations is how quickly you become a target for negative attacks. When I first began to consciously raise my frequency through various methods like meditation, eating vegetarian, reducing EMF in my house and so forth, I was riding the high frequency vibes into pure bliss and nothing was going to stop me...or so I thought. 

Understanding how energy works, I assumed that like attracts like and so naturally I would only be attracting high vibe people and circumstances into my life. This was true however it only paints half of the picture.

When I started, I didn't really pay much attention to the potential of darker energies. I figured if I didn't focus on them, they wouldn't be part of my reality. Unfortunately, I learned the hard way that educating yourself of only one side of the coin turns you into a sitting duck ripe for hunting. And I was most certainly a sitting target.

Some say ignorance is bliss but it's also the open door that parasitic entities look for to feed off your energy. When we are not aware of something, we can't say 'no' to it. We blindly give away our sovereignty to these negative energy feeders and then can't understand why we feel so low after feeling so high.

The ascension process is no joke. When you wake up to your higher senses and begin to perceive the energies that weren't perceivable before, you realize you are playing ball with a whole new league of players. And they don't play nice.


Because as you raise your vibes you are stealing from them the one thing they need to survive.

In today's video I go into depth of two common ways (one direct and one indirect) that these parasitic entities will attack your high vibration mission and divine sovereignty and why they are relentless.

Love and expansion,