12/21 Portal Messages 2018 'STAR MOTHER'

12/21 Portal Messages 2018 - ‘Star Mother’

This Stargate Solstice today has some powerful energies coming through. There is assistance entering to clear and let go of the traumas over the millennia against the Divine Feminine. These traumas were inflicted with intent to strip the Feminine of her sacred divinity. No matter your incarnation in this lifetime, we have all lived lives as male and female. We have all likely participated in the traumas whether it was in the infliction or the reception. To return to the void between the polarities and integrate them back into union, we must be the polarities at some point.

Today I share a brief channeled message I received regarding today’s portal energies as well as a reading of the energies through the oracle and tarot. The message is powerful and speaks to the ‘Star Mother’ energies that will assist many of us in our healing.

With love,