Are You Too Inflexible For Yoga?

Do you believe that you’re too inflexible to try yoga despite your desire for a more flexible body? Or do you believe that you’re genetically imprisoned to a body that doesn’t bend like everyone else’s? If so, what would be the point of pursuing a lost cause, right?

I used to be so inflexible I couldn’t reach past the middle of my shins when trying to touch my toes. I believed I had inherited the blessed gift of inflexibility from both of my parents, and therefore I had no control over how little my body bent. I believed that no matter how much I engaged my body in any stretch, my efforts would inevitably be fruitless.

It wasn’t until my early thirties that I discovered how wrong I was.

The truth is I was ashamed of my inflexiblity. I didn’t like that my body couldn’t do what many others could. The last thing I wanted was to expose my shortcomings to a room filled with bendable bodies. I couldn’t think of anything worse. I was scared they would judge me. More than I already judged myself.

My fears surrounding my inflexibility were rooted in self-hatred. It wasn’t until I decided to face one of my biggest fears, plunging myself into the world of yoga, that I discovered how little I loved myself. Behind the facade of an independent, strong-willed, and fearless woman stood a girl who believed she wasn’t good enough. I suffered from insufficiency all my life without ever realizing the impact it had on each and every one of my choices. It wasn’t until I chose to move through my inflexibility that I was able to not only make this discovery, but learn how to nurture myself back to my natural state: love.

Through my journey with yoga and my inflexible body, I learned that my inflexibility wasn’t a genetic problem; it was a belief. Until I was willing to become flexible in my mind and soul, my body would remain inflexible.

This journey is the basis for my first book, Inflexible Me. It highlights inflexibility and how to navigate the practice of yoga in a body that doesn’t bend so well, discussing inflexibility on deeper and more effective levels than commonly offered. More importantly, though, Inflexible Me shows us how our greatest joys are hidden behind our deepest fears. Even if you have no desire to try a yoga class, this journey touches on the basic teachings of fear, acceptance and compassion which can be applied to all areas of life.

If you struggle with physical inflexibility, this book is for you. If you don’t struggle with physical inflexibility, this book is for you, too. Inflexibility is a result of choosing from fear. In a world where many of us live our lives contained  within our self-imposed limitations, Inflexible Me (link to book on Amazon) teaches us to live less out of fear and more out of love.

As the first of many posts, this site is dedicated to navigating the inflexible limits that hold us back from our true expansive self.

My hope is that we begin choosing expansion, and in turn, live our lives from infinite possibilities.

I thank you for joining me and look forward to seeing you here again.

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Expand into your limitless potential.