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Guided Meditations, Readings & Coaching


Nicole’s coaching has been a huge blessing in my life. There were many barriers I couldn’t seem to overcome due to self-doubt and fear. Nicole is such a bright light that it helped me to find the light within myself. While working with her I have found an abundance of strengths I held unknowingly. It’s exciting to finally see my worth as I take the next leap into my journey. I feel extremely safe to open up to her and share my life experiences without judgment. Her passion and commitment to helping others is inspiring. She has a unique ability to see what stage you are at and meet you there while building your ability to raise yourself to the next level. Nicole has an unbelievably kind heart. I am lucky and honoured to have her as my mentor. I highly recommend her and trust her insights.
— Marcus Oujla (Canada)
About a year ago, through a synchronicity, a blessing named Nicole Frolick entered into my life. Since then, Nicole has guided me on a long overdue journey of self-discovery. Her knowledge, wisdom and compassion allowed me to feel safe being open and honest with her. The sessions and homework were not always easy, yet they have been very rewarding. The results have changed my life in so many positive ways including friends and family commenting that I am a different person.

As I have been on my journey, I have witnessed Nicole’s gifts and abilities grow. Her growth inspires me to continue on my spiritual path. (I want to be just like her when I spiritually grow-up.) ;) Nicole’s website, YouTube channel, and Enlighten Up podcast have also been wonderful sources of knowledge, wisdom and entertainment.

Nicole, with much gratitude and love, I thank you.
— Michele DeMartini (USA)
I have learned so much from Nicole’s videos and her book Inflexible Me. An amazing soul with a talent for going to the heart of the situation, I have gotten confirmations and new insight from many of her videos as well a treasure trove of healing insight from her book. On matters of the heart and of a more private nature, she has been very helpful in assisting me with opening up my perspective and being able to examine where the ego pokes in and affects the lens I’m looking through at life as I/we know it here. Her card readings are intuitive and have helped me with creating alchemy in experiences I was “stuck” in, as well as giving me a springboard to jump further into understanding my shadow and healing those parts of my self. I think she has a unique way of making serious and difficult experiences approachable and she leaves her readings open-ended for self-empowerment which has been very encouraging & helpful in my own growth, reminding me I am the healer in my own journey. I highly recommend her works and her readings!
— Deedee (USA)
I requested a 3 card Liquid Crystal Atlantean oracle reading from Nicole. I was moved by all she had to say with her words and her intuitive reading in answer to my question. I think what moved me the most was the love, kindness, compassion, and authenticity that came through her for the reading. Her reading affirmed much for me and opened me to look a little deeper at myself and what I was experiencing.
— Judy C, Canada
I was feeling stuck and without a lot of direction and caught up in the energetic changes taking place. It was like I was on a roller coaster ride without any end in sight. Having watched Nicole’s YouTube channel and all the content she released, she was helping me gain perspective on what was happening on a global scale that I could then draw back to my own life.

As soon as Nicole started offering timeline tarot readings, I jumped onto an email to organize a time with her. I’ve never particularly enjoyed tarot nor understood it but wanted to give this a go. Nicole’s approach to reading is quite unique in the way she reads with multiple sets of cards, opening up to different enlightenment. Her accuracy with the cards are uncanny. They were a HUGE help with understanding the different blocks in my body and how to evolve with my growth to release the pains.

Working with Nicole is definitely no work. Her accurate insights and perceptions are beyond helpful to help you gain the insights you’re seeking as well as the way forward to overcome any stagnant energy or indecision. Her lightness and love pure from her heart and has a real passion for helping people elevate to where they desire to flow to.
— Daniella, Australia

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courses to unlock your potential

This is a preview to my Leveling Up On Consciousness course available now in my Inflexible Me Academy.

We are all here to make a difference in this world. Each and everyone of us.

Have you ever wondered how you can change the world for the better? Is it possible to affect massive change as just one person alone?

How does consciousness play a role in creating the world you have always wanted both spiritually and physically?

How do you attract more like minded people?

You can do this by leveling it up and transmuting those low vibes into high vibes in an instant!

This is a sneak preview to the course Harmonizing Masculine & Feminine Energies: Transmuting Our Wounded Into Wild for Union

Explore the beauty and deeper understanding behind both the masculine and feminine energies. These energies belong to all of creation and are inherent within us all. When we learn to appreciate and understand what these energies are, we can bring them into balance and harmony within. Achieving balance does not come from neutralizing the energies but instead honoring both into their natural state of existence.

We will look at the WOUNDED aspects of M/F and the WILD aspects of M/F. Learn how self identity through your most authentic SELF is dependent on how well you KNOW both your masculine and feminine aspects. How does this apply to relationships? How does this apply to your success in this world?


Join Nicole for a one hour webinar that will deconstruct the mind and empower you with 4 tools to expand your potential for anything you wish to create: loving relationships, a career change, better health, a deeper connection to Self, and so much more. 

If you’re looking to wake up with more joy and experience more fulfillment in all aspects of your life then you’re ready to expand into your limitless potential. You will learn how to shift your mind so that your external world will begin to mirror your internal abundance.


Have you found yourself experiencing days of extreme happiness and then for no apparent reason find yourself in an energetic funk? Do you find that some people you used to enjoy being around are now bringing drama or conflict? Have you been getting sick more often than usual?

As we each experience our own journey of Self, the light within us begins to brighten. We open ourselves up to new opportunities and relationships that support this growth, expanding our joy for life.

However, we will inevitably also experience negative energy.

Negative energy can often hijack our emotional, mental and physical bodies. It’s common and it happens to the best of us. As we open ourselves up to many positive forces, we also unknowingly open the door to less desirable forces.

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A unique blend of spirituality, humor and friendship… on the rocks

A unique blend of spirituality, humor and friendship…on the rocks

Are you looking for a refreshing spin on Spirituality? Enlighten Up is an unconventional podcast of three friends and guests sharing informative, fun and sometimes off-the-wall conversations about spiritual topics ranging from Ascension Symptoms, The Event, UFO’s, The Matrix, Astral Travel, Self-Healing, Extraterrestrials, Light Language, Kundalini Awakening, Akashic Records, God, and so much more!

Unlike other podcasts, we provide fringe and skeptical viewpoints on all topics. Regardless of where you fall on the spiritual journey, you'll find a place to fit in here. With varying viewpoints and beliefs, conversations can heat up, but we believe this makes for richer and more diverse conversations. The echo chamber can be a boring place to learn from, so listen in on how four friends can argue and still laugh with one another despite their differences. 

Join co-hosts Nicole Frolick, an author and inspirational speaker, who recently stepped out of the ‘spiritual closet’ holding a bottle of red wine when she realized the importance of sharing her spiritual viewpoints and stories with others; Lisa Watson, a former homeschooling mother of two, whose life took a sharp turn, when she discovered her new-found freedom after divorce, started channeling light language, and decided to live life on her terms; and Brian Koenigberg, a designer turned App developer that is truly ‘The Mayor of Skeptic Town’ when it comes to all this spiritual stuff and is not afraid to call ‘bullshit'.

We invite you to grab a drink with us and listen in on our casual, entertaining, controversial & hopefully enlightening conversations about the spiritual journey, life on planet Earth, and what the heck is really going on out there.