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Have a question for the Atlantean Liquid Crystals?

3 Card Liquid Crystal Atlantean Oracle Reading
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The Atlantean Crystals have much wisdom and insight to share with us! I will do a professional and accurate crystal reading for at least one of your questions. Through past life regression and deep meditation, I have connected with the Elemental Kingdom to bring back some of the ancient knowledge and wisdom the crystals have carried through the millennia.

Need some quick guidance? Email in your 1 question and I'll ask my Atlantean Liquid Crystal Oracle deck on your behalf. You will receive your reading within 48 hrs of receipt of payment.

All readings include a photo of the cards I pull with a recorded mp3 reading.

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Are Negative Entities Working You Overtime?


Is your high vibration getting attacked? Sometimes we need a little humor to find some peace and reset. Wear this Tee to bring some laughter back in and raise your vibration!

So many of you have commented on my Negative Entity videos so I thought we could all use some humor and wear a t-shirt that probably unites how we all feel on many days.


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